The easiest and most cost effective way to sell your bikes and gear!

Best of all the COG is FREE for shops! No "inquiry", "sale fees", or BS ever.



We've developed a simple intuitive platform for you to sell your bikes and gear either in store or on-ine direct off your website. No intrusive plugins, no setup fees, no hijacking your company URL's, no re-directs.

We are SEO experts and know how to get Google to rank your listings so they show up when consumers are looking for what you are selling.

As industry insiders we understand that your margins are tight and our pricing reflects that. eBay and Amazon work but why pay fees upto 16% of the sale price. Other sites charge $200.00 plus fees for similar service with fewer results.

We optimize listings in many ways for better search exposure but most importantly we are setup to use real photos and Google loves real photos, as they are ORIGINAL content. Those catalog images that other sites use by pulling from your POS are actually hurting your SEO. Google knows that they are not original content and you get dinged in searches.

Listing items takes 1 or 2 minutes and you can upload directly from any mobile device with a few clicks. Yes it takes time to do this but it is absolutly the best way for your listings to rank on Google.

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