2014 Focus Mares CX 1.0 54cm

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Model : Mares CX 1.0

Brand : Focus

Year : 2014

Size : 54cm

Type : Frames

Color : Team Rapha

All FOCUS products are born of a passion motivated by the love of the sport. Everyone involved in the creation of the FOCUS range is inspired by the pursuit of the nest in cycling technology. In order to meet the performance criteria that let top-flight cyclists reach the top of their game, FOCUS is intent on embracing and developing cutting-edge innovation to empower our riders. You’ll find the ideal balance of weight, rigidity and quality in the Mares CX for the demanding discipline of cyclocross. The carbon-framed CX responds instantly to the hard-charging rider. optional disc brakes facilitate later, harder braking and less maintenance Agility, performance and ground clearance come through carefully designed geometry. The Mares CX is a winner on international World cup courses. Take your place on the rostrum.