2015 Pinarello Dogma F8 54cm

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Model : Dogma F8

Brand : Pinarello

Year : 2015

Size : 54cm

Type : Demo Bike

Color : Black

Used - https://theracery.com/products/54cm-pinerallo-f8-chorus-eps Frame: Torayca T11001K Dream Carbon Fiber Fork: Onda F8 Fork Sleek Shifters: Campagnolo Chorus EPS Stem: 3T Team ARX Team 120mm Handlebars: 3T Team Issue Carbon 40cm Bar Tape: Pinarello Bar Tape Seatpost: Pinarello T11001K Carbon Fiber Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Chorus EPS Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Chorus EPS Cassette: Campagnolo11-28 Crankset Campagnolo Chorus 172.5mm 52/36 Chain: Campagnolo 11S Brakes: Campagnolo Chorus Wheels: Campagnolo Mega G3 Tires: Pinarello 60.1 Special Team Edition. Item ID: 51516 For more photos, information and/or questions regarding this product, visit The Racery web site. In the past two years, Dogma 65.1 has been the most titled bike on the planet, winning the Tour de France twice, the World Championship and more than 100 Pro Tour races. The Dogma 65.1 has been a best seller without precedent for Pinarello and is universally recognised as a benchmark in the world of high end Road Bikes. Starting from these premises, you can imagine how difficult it was to improve this cult bike. Pinarello LAB, Team SKY and JAGUAR created a working group where everyone brought his decisive contribution. Team SKY with feedback from its athletes, Jaguar the Aerodynamics concerns CFD and Wind Tunnel testing, Pinarello LAB for cycling part, structural study and design. This synergy brought to light the Pinarello Dogma F8. Pinarello Dogma F8 achieves new significant numerical data, but more importantly, maintains the unique driving feeling, which made previous Pinarello Dogma bikes unbeatable. Whoever rides the new F8 Dogma, will immediately perceive the extraordinary work done by our team, in creating a streamlined and aerodynamic bike without losing the typical characteristics of Dogma: a powerful and responsive bike for every track!