2017 The COG MFG closeouts Katana X-Large

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The COG MFG closeouts
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Model : Katana

Manufacturer : The COG MFG closeouts

Year : 2017

Size : X-Large

Type : Triathlon

Color : Black / Red / White

Truncated aero foil tubes: Stiffer, lighter, aero tubes Lowered BB: For improved high speed stability and better overall aerodynamics Brake options: Front: Direct mount or traditional center hole Rear: Direct mount Reversible seat post: For a wide range of saddle adjustability Internal Di2 Battery Adaptor: Accessible battery location in lower section of downtube ATTK Storage: Size: 210mm x 40mm x 57mm (245cm3) CO2 Cartridge Holder Head Set: 1-1/8” – 1-1/4” Frame Weight: 1,080g (size MD) BB Type: BB EVO386