2017 Big Cat Electric Bikes FAT CAT 350 (48V) Medium

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Big Cat Electric Bikes
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Model : FAT CAT 350 (48V)

Manufacturer : Big Cat Electric Bikes

Color : Black

Year : 2017

Size : Medium

Type : Electric

HIGHLIGHTS 2017 BIG CAT FAT CAT (350W 48V14.5AH) The 2017 48V Fat Cat 350W E-Bike offers all of the highlights of the 36V model, with just a bit more robust power. This motorized bike features a lightweight aluminum frame that houses a 48V14.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery which powers a front wheel drive motor, offering riders the torque needed to tackle almost any terrain. This electric bike is also designed to go the distance. Count on a full battery charge to take you up to 30 miles - take note, the range depends on the rider, rider weight, terrain, wind, charge and other weather conditions. Still featuring monster 26x4.0" tires, the Fat Cat fat e-bike is the ideal bike for riders who are seeking an alternative means to traditional cycling, which in many cases can be limited to road and light off-road use. The Fat Cat allows riders to ride along the sand, mud, dirt trails, snow and regular road conditions with ease! Front Wheel Drive Motor 15-30 Mile Range 4" All Terrain Tires 160mm Mechanical Disc Brakes Bafang C961 LCD Display Twist Throttle