2014 Quintana Roo CD 0.1 Small Small

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Model : CD 0.1 Small

Brand : Quintana Roo

Year : 2014

Size : Small

Type : Triathlon

Color : Black

DESCRIPTION CD0.1 is tech writing for a coefficient of drag (CD) of just above nothing 0.1. Quintana Roo was shooting for this when they designed the CD0.1 platform. Here they set it up with a build highlighted by SRAM Rival components. The frame is the biggest deal here. They call this a Shift bike because the downtube shifts 18mm to the right to better divert airflow to the "clean" side of the bike, the left side. The right side is where the drive train resides, and with the spinning cranks, chain, cassette, derailleurs, and cables, the air gets messy or "dirty." The result is a smoother movement of air across the bike from front to rear. Smoother means faster, and when you're riding on a day of no winds, everything is a headwind, and the CD0.1 moves through that headwind more easily, as well as crosswinds. The Shift design also makes the bike more stable in crosswinds because by addressing the asymmetries, it is easier to handle the bike whether the wind is coming from the left or right. The bike also has a wide-leg fork. This makes it easier for air to move around the front wheel and the fork legs, and adds to the importance of the Shift downtube. The Shift technology is huge, but the rest of the bike is special as well, from the bulged head tube to the hidden brakes, to the leading edge bulge on the seat tube and rear wheel shrouding, this bike does a great job of cutting through the wind. Part of its strength is that unlike many bikes in this category, the CD0.1 is not limited by UCI constraints and, as such, is not UCI-legal. Which is fine for a tri' bike. The carbon-fiber seat post has a clamp that offers four degrees of fore-aft adjustment via a slot. A great touch is that the slot is slightly angled so that no matter where the clamp is in that slot, it is the same distance from the bottom bracket—great for dialing in position. PRODUCT DETAILS Item condition: Used Availability: Pick Up In Store, Buy online Brand: Quintana Roo Category: Triathlon & Time Trial Bikes Gender: Unisex ID: 107803627