2017 Fuji Sportif 2.1 58cm

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Model : Sportif 2.1

Brand : Fuji

Year : 2017

Size : 58cm

Type : Road

Color : Satin White

"Every road ride is made more enjoyable and fulfilling with the Fuji Sportif 2.1 road bike. It was created to handle rides both big and small, with comfort-road frame geometry, easy to use and durable components, and great styling to show off on the local scene during your weekend rides. The Fuji Sportif's frame is compact. That means the distance is shorter to the handlebar when seated, which alleviates neck, back and wrist strain, while increasing your ability to handle the bike with confidence. The shorter seat tube means greater stand over height, so when you pull up to a stop sign you can easily step off the bike with plenty of safe clearance between you and the bike. Also, a shorter top tube means you'll be riding more upright. That means you'll get a greater view of the road ahead and any objects around your bike while your ride. The frame itself is made out of lightweight aluminum and the fork is made of both carbon and aluminum, which reduces the bike's weight and helps to smooth out the vibration from the road. The Sportif 2.1 features Shimano Sora components and shifters, which have a comfortable, ergonomic feel. A quick flick of the wrist and you'll easily change gears. It's also outfitted with a pair of Vera Corsa wheels and wide, comfortable Vera Helios tires. All of these features rolled up into one bike makes it easy to see why the Sportif is so popular on weekend rides." - Performance Bicycle